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Deke is incredibly nuanced in his acting range, and his reels show it.  They reflect a wonderfully diverse cast of characters over many years — dads, executives, doctors, cowboys, psychos, Satan, goofballs and more!  Deke can and will meet all of your casting needs.

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The Resident


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Madonna Material Girl

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Vintage Reel

2020 Demo

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Vintage Reel Two

2013 Demo

“Anderson’s characterization is on the button.” Lee Melville, Drama-Logue, Deke Anderson co-starred at Los Angeles’ Tiffany Theatre as Director Tony Dillema in “Identical Twins”

Deke’s training takes actors from barely booking to booking
like a banshee!!!

Prior to working with Deke Anderson, I had booked one theatrical job in six months. In the first 18 months I worked with Deke, I booked 14 theatrical jobs, including several guest star and recurring roles. Deke has taught me how to make creative choices that flesh out a scene. His Directorial experience helps him to gauge what works and doesn’t in scenes, and he can clearly convey the adjustments that are needed to make the scene more effective. Through him, I have learned a great deal about developing characters, auditioning technique, and most importantly, booking jobs. Deke’s instruction extends beyond the audition room. He has discussed conduct on set, dealing with nerves, working with difficult people, etc. Because Deke has gone through most experiences of a working actor, he can advise his students with great perspective. Finally, Deke’s infectious enthusiasm, constructive criticism, and hard work inspire loyalty from his students. If you have any questions, or you would like any further information about Deke, please feel free to contact me. Thank you. -Vic Chao | | See IMDb profile…

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To hire Deke or schedule an audition, please email Pastorini-Bosby Talent at, or call them at 713-266-4488 and follow the prompts.  To reach Deke directly, please e-mail him at or call him at 310.722.8303.


Deke Anderson